Saturday, May 12, 2012

some things that I think about

sometimes a title is hard for a lot of reasons. One of my favorite reasons is because your trying to make a synopsis of an idea before it is written. It turns out to be fun even though it doesn't seem well thought out. At the same time one could encounter a familair feeling that I know, one that makes you wonder who wrote it. Thankfully I don't suffer this chail tasing philosophy everyday. When it happens it seems to be an ever incarnating organism of the present mind state, what ever that may be. Stream of Conciousness people say. I miss the on gaurd report or the prophetic weather forecast.
 I used to have many an out of body experience on the days after drinking a bunch, and only after drinking. Typically I would fly forever by flapping my hands or arms and it was so good. Since I have stopped drinking three years ago I have not had one out of body experience. Also I was problematically proned to the Uni-Polar disorder. Uni-Polar disorder is when a person joes goes into states of Mania for days or weeks  and when I would come down it would just be a state of returning to my normal state which is happy and fine, just not over energized and not a relapse into a helish state of depresion.

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