Saturday, March 19, 2011

solo efforts, collaborations and more

Various Recordings and releases-
is a compilation of recordings colected all along the Nautical Almanac tour from maybe more than 15 years ago when the ancient band's original line up was- Twig Harper/Guitar and electronics, Nate Young (pre- Wolf Eyes) Guitar and electronics and Sol Meltzer/ Drums and electronics.
This was a heavy band, very psychedelic noise and rock. Killer Stuff with what little is actually on the tape of the band. Additional soundtracks were all of the above company and myself having made solo recordings while touring and some collaborations, one of me and Nate invading an all girls party MANipulating turntables and keyboards in a droned out smokey fashion to not be stopped as as we would sample requests for us to leave recycling back into our smoky mirror.
A project of cassette decks, tape reels, and turntables making a mesh of mixes, dub, overdubs and weird dancy tracks by myself and Jennifer Rose Harrison-Persinos. Wicked.