Monday, April 27, 2009

looking around, don't be surprissed at what you might find

I've been digging around allot and I like what I find. Lots more Bitchen Summer tapes and these are technically Lost and and Found but i would not release them as LF's since they really don't meet the criteria, they're more like mark releases.
Lots of tapes are in boxes and buckets and they're coming into the mail too and I have a wealth of Audio Stock now as if I didn't already and I wanna take this chance to thank everybody for they're support and help with getting me all these lost recordings.
i used to really marvel over these and this is the hardest to explain but I am crazy about it still but feel so much more accomplished as an artist and a target for exploitation(gross job Liz) I'll settle that later- though it was kinda a good article I don't like being her scape goat when she runs into a creativless spell. So I like the new stuff I have received and I'm making cover art for some of it. I'm messing around with a bit of collage and it feels real liberating, as I am inspired by Pat's Chearied out" style amongst other things.
Making tapes is realy fun befcause everybody has they're own style and I have mine so when I have something put out on some-one else's deal I like to leave the artwork up to them. i'ts like it's worth recording something new all the time just to see what people make with your music. These are som e of the things that make me happy.

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